The TRUST/TrioCFD code.

Git repository

TRUST is a thermalhydraulic software package for CFD simulations. This software was originally designed for conduction, incompressible single-phase, and Low Mach Number (LMN) flows with a robust Weakly-Compressible (WC) multi-species solver. However, a huge effort has been conducted recently, and now TRUST is able to simulate real compressible multi-phase flows. TRUST is also being progressively ported to support GPU acceleration (NVidia/AMD). TrioCFD is the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code based on the TRUST platform. The code contains Front_Tracking, Radiation, ALE for fluid/structure interactions and Turbulence LES & RANS models. Both softwares are OpenSource (BSD license).

Some TrioCFD calculations: