CExA project

CExA projects aims to develop and support the adoption of a Kokkos-based GPU model to Compute at Exascale At CEA and beyond.

Git repository

Our technical contributions

Support our applications

  • Test UVM viability & performance
  • Add required solvers to Kokkos-kernels

Test on our hardware & improve kokkos for it

  • Intel PVC backend improvement
  • NVidia Grace Hopper memory management handling

Work on specific projects in the Kokkos ecosystem

  • DDC: Discrete data & computation
  • Kokkos-FFT: Performance portable FFT with a Kokkos API
    • lead by CExA
  • Kokkos-comm: Kokkos-MPI integration
    • co-lead by CExA

Improvements to software quality

  • Setup GPU CI for CEA libraries
  • Maintaining Kokkos Spack recipes
  • Huge refactor & redesign for Kokkos::create_mirror[_view][_and_copy]

Improvement to Kokkos documentation

  • Website improvement
  • Cheat-sheets creation

Our contributions to dissemination

  • Trainings
    • First training with Christian Trott & Damien Lebrun september 2023in Saclay
    • Second training on June 17-19 2024 @ Saclay with Damien Lebrun & Luc Berger-Vergiat
  • Regular online meetings: Informal presentations & discussions about Kokkos, its ecosystem & GPU at large
  • Kokkos slack now has a #general-fr channel (~10% of the whole community)
  • CEA / EDF / Inria summer school in summer 2025