Dr. Mathieu Lobet

Dr. Mathieu Lobet

Group leader, Senior developer


Maison de la Simulation


In 2015, I obtained a PhD in physics focusing on laser-matter interaction at very high intensities, during which I carried out a lot of development work related to HPC, data processing and visualization.

I then specialized in HPC computing. As a postdoc at LBNL, I worked extensively on vectorization, mainly for the KNL architecture as well as simulation data visualization.

Since 2027, I’ve been a research engineer at the Maison de la Simulation. I took part in managing the EoCoE II Center of Excellence. I contribute to the HPC development of the SMILEI simulation code. For the past few years, I’ve been interested in GPU programming and parallel programming models with performance portability (Kokkos, SYCL), as well as task-based programming models (OpenMP, Eventify).