Dr. Ansar Calloo

Dr. Ansar Calloo

Group leader, Senior Developer



Dr. Ansar Calloo is a research engineer at the Service for Software Engineering and High-Performance Computing (SGLS) at CEA on numerical simulations for the Boltzmann equation.

After his PhD at CEA Cadarache, he was hired as a research engineer in the nuclear industry at EDF R&D before joining the CEA Saclay in 2018. For the past 15 years, he has been working on industrial-grade and advanced modelling for reactor physics, either through computational schemes, numerical methods, multiphysics coupling and parallel computing with deterministic neutron transport codes. Since 2020, he is the technical liaison officer on HPC matters to the director of the Simulation programme at the Energy division at CEA.

He has expertise in DG-FEM and acceleration methods for the transport equation, HPC and C++.